Photo Phobia

Are you afriad of taking pictures?That simple, inanimate, object pointed your way sends a flight or fight response in many people, primarily women. From a simple luncheon, to a visit with a friend, to a wedding… that camera is ALWAYS there … watching you, waiting to grab you at your worse. Slouching, chewing, side-view, I could go on and on! No wonder the phobia exists.

Well let’s look at this through a camera lens with the intention of cherishing you, comforting you and preserving your image for your loved ones today and in the future. (By the way… today is the youngest you’ll ever be – sorry.)  With that in mind, think about how you’ll never be younger or more beautiful than today! Remember how you felt in your younger pictures?? And how you look at those same pictures now and think ‘how wrong you were & that you wished you had appreciated yourself in that moment?’ Well the same thing applies today! The ‘you’ in ten years will look back and say the same thing.

Take that leap of faith, if not for you, than for your family and friends to adore you as you are today. Imagine if your passed loved ones hadn’t taken any photos for you to cherish, that’d be a shame.

Now more often than not, even the most ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ looking person needs their images touched up … if fact, I’ve never seen an image that didn’t need a little something. The way I ‘touch-up’ an image is simple … that initial meeting of a person is how I want there image to seem … here’s what I mean… when you first meet someone you’re likely not going to notice their ‘flaws’ such as bags around the eyes, too many freckles, some scars, crooked nose, yellow teeth, etc.etc… so when I ‘touch up’ portraits, I gently do so to preserve ‘you’, but touch-up just enough to let your beauty come through.

Love sees beauty and loved ones only see your beauty – get in front of that camera while you are the youngest you’ll ever be!

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