Senior Portraits ~ Cap-n-Gown?

To Cap or not to cap?

“Should my graduating senior wear their ‘cap-n-gown’ in their portrait?”   This is the most common question I get asked by my clients.   My advice, think of the future!  In ten+ years when you reminisce looking at this portrait, do you want to look at a cap-n-gown image or not? It’s really your personal preference. Regarding my two sons, I asked myself that very question and I said ‘yes’ to the cap!

They’ll have many portraits taken throughout their lives, but likely no other opportunity to proudly wear clothing that portrays their accomplishments quite as well as a cap-n-gown.

Just because a trend pulls you away from what you want, don’t be afraid to just do what you love!  Just because many of their friends aren’t wearing them in their sessions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Wearing a few outfits that portray their personality makes for a better outcome. Not too fancy and not too casual, such as sweatpants.  Only a small amount of clients want cap-n-gown, but I do think it’s important to have that portrait to look back on. It’s a visual timestamp. When I create custom announcement cards, that cap portrait really adds to the collage.

Basically you can’t go wrong with either cap or no cap. Your senior is what matters most in the end!

Senior portraits, cap and gown?

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